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Does anyone have a default camera or go to camera they use for the illustrations? I'm not trying to emulate any real world camera, I just want a good looking camera that supports the effects and control of LW 11.

It seems there are a number of features that LW 11 can offer, but don't apply to the Classic camera. Any recomendations?
What's wrong with the Perspective Camera? I don't think any of the cameras are "Illustration" specific. Are you talking about the Orthographic Camera?
I guess my question is more, is perspective camera fine enough? Does anyone see any real drawback to using perspective camera over any other option for this use?
This question is part of addressing my concerns in the WIP section:

Here's my dilemma. I want to render medical illustrations with more realistic looking appearance. Aside from obvious UV mapping, Normal Mapping, etc. I at least want my renders within LW to be more optimal. By this, I feel my Lighting Techniques and my Rendering Specs are sub-optimal and are what's holding it back the most (to say the least).

Here are some tutorials I've been looking at:

I've attached some renders, and it seems my problem becomes one which my scene is either over-saturated with radiosity light from an all white backdrop color, or my area light washes out my detail.

As a side note: I've recently purchased Proton's [digital] Modeling book (iBook) and have been very pleased with it. I'm not expecting to become an industry level professional, but I do hope there might be a few tweaks or concepts that I've failed to grasp yet. If purchasing some more reading material is the right way to address this, then I'd love a recommendation. Otherwise, I'm an amateur enthusiast who uses these illustrations in my medical lectures and podcasts, nothing more.


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It sounds like your issues have more to do with texturing and lighting than the camera. I'm not a radiosity expert but I would recommend starting a thread in the Tips section. This way you'll get more eyeballs on your question and therefore more help.
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