Deep Rising Fx: Potential fluid simulator

agree, first step. but the best option for now.

It's a wonderful simulation engine, terrific perf and resource handling. Still, IMO, there's something not quite right (too "globby-looking") about the snows' final rest states, like they're missing a final smoothing step or something like that. Most of the snow behavior is great, so darned close, but something about the look of upper layers of snow volumes after being moved/displaced gives me an uncanny-valley-like reaction.

Anyone else come away with similar feelings?

Yes, I also had the feeling that something is not quite right. It reminds me a little of fake lying snow on a movie set made with firefighting foam. The sundae with chocolate icing looks like the foam sundae from beaten egg whites. :) Very real but no ice cream.

P.s.: Very annoying is the possibility to use thumbnails on Youtube that are not from the video. I would have liked to see the VW Beetle.


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