Deep Rising Fx: Potential fluid simulator



is it possible to add noise to the grid pattern ?
if not,...
feature request.

Okay have put this on my feature request list (possibly noise filter or something similar). I'm also thinking a a packed option for collision particles would help the stiff collision constraints. Thanks for the feedback.

It will probably be unnoticeable when they are smaller and have lots more particles, is my theory for an immediate solution.
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Maybe there is hope, did a little research and found out that Lightwave should have at least 1000+ users in the cooperate space...<snip>... Surprisingly Modo has roughly same numbers.

Please cite your "research source"?

LightWave having 1000+ cooperate users wouldn't surprise me.

but i'd think modo would have way more.

another question is what version of LightWave do they use.

finding the estimate would be hard i think.

LightWave has 21,000+ followers on Facebook, i'd assume many of those aren't users, then again, i'd assume many users don't follow.


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In my personal work experience, LightWave is typically used by small teams tucked away in studios of all sizes. It's well suited for a small group of artists supporting big projects. The Box at Rhythm was a good example; we were considered an 'alternative pipeline' because we used off-the-shelf software and had our own separate 'mini' pipeline, and we handled the work that might have been too costly for the studio's 'big' pipeline.

What I can say about my current work is very limited but maybe this much is okay. We use both LightWave 2015 and 2019, and we gradually shifted towards the latter this past year. Most recently, it was used for the opening 'T-Rex' sequence for the Jurassic Park TV show. (I wasn't involved with that assignment; I'm on a different show.) I'm not sure we have 2020 in-house yet; maybe for testing. Of course we also use other software, including Maya, Nuke, After Effects, etc., whatever gets the job done quickly and looking good.

While I don't have numbers to support how it's used at other studios, I do have friends in similar work situations. I'm sure the LightWave share is much smaller than when I started back in 1998, but it's still present.
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It's a wonderful simulation engine, terrific perf and resource handling. Still, IMO, there's something not quite right (too "globby-looking") about the snows' final rest states, like they're missing a final smoothing step or something like that. Most of the snow behavior is great, so darned close, but something about the look of upper layers of snow volumes after being moved/displaced gives me an uncanny-valley-like reaction.

Anyone else come away with similar feelings?
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