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Hi Everyone!

My company recently purchased a tricaster mini to use in video production and streaming. I have been working for the last two weeks or so to set the system up and learn the software. I have been working on programing a quick keyboard with the different shortcuts that are available from a list I found online. I'm really excited to be able to switch quickly between inputs, but I want to be able to switch to the DDR with a quick key. Is this possible? What is the key short cut?

Thank you so much for your help!


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There is a 'Show DDR Tab' in the macro panel System Commands that you can assign to a trigger.


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Hi Kane,
That short cut key only shows the DDR in the lower third of the screen. I am looking for the DDR to be put directly into the preview tab so I can transition it easier.


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The easiest way to become familiar with macros is simply to record what you want, and examine and edit the result.
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