DDR Auto Play AND Auto Out Options


I would like to recommend that you move the Auto Play check box in the DDR to the left side and add a check box for Auto Out.

Reasoning: At events where I live stream, I often switch the room on an ME differently then I switch the live stream on the Main bus. When I play a video in the DDR to show in the ME and Program, I select the Auto Start option and use a macro to switch both the ME and Program at the same time. However, when the video is done, it Auto transitions on the Program bus only, the ME is still in Black on the DDR.

If you have an Auto Out, I can uncheck that option and use a macro to do the transition at the end on both the ME and Program.

I currently have to remember to uncheck the Auto Play check box while the video is playing and it leaves room for error. If there is a better way, please let me know.


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You might see whether something can be worked out using the (sadly named) "Show On" feature in the DDR instead. Unlike Autoplay, it always transitions out if you configure it to do so - even in an M/E.


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I used a macro and to auto me1 and then attached it to ddr2 losing tally or going onto the preview row (Automation Tab on DDR config). This meant that the transition in the main switcher trigger one in the Me as well.
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