david vincent [invaders]


cat servant
now before you all jump..yeah i KNOW it soesn't look like roy thinnis as yet...
i'm working on it!!!...tis hard you know..i havn't ever done a true likeness in 3d before...so we'll see!



How Old? Really? Aww Heck
Jaw needs to come in more, the scuplt is a bit too round-faced yet. Around the eyes is where the hints of him lie for me. :)


Graham Toms
Hey Cresshead,
Thanks for posting. Congrats for realy pushing yourself and attempting a most complicated subject thats definately the most exacting. You are pushing yourself way out of your comfort zone and as a result you are going to grow quickly as an artist and technician.

For portrait I would hold off as long as possible in regard to detail. Spend as long as possible on the basic planes of the face. It's a generic approach at first that establishes the foundations of the face. Check and double checking areas like the planes of the nose and make sure all the most basic forms are established.

When you have sweated over that by checking double checking and quadruple checking, then you can tweak the detailed nuances that make that characters the individual he is in regard topography.
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