Datalink network for excel


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I'm planning to use Kane's excel sheet (modified) to run scores and stats during our school's homecoming game.

Due to network restrictions as are typical in a school network the Tricaster and Computer are on separate sub-networks, with the Tricaster on its own network and the computers on a student network. I was hoping that the fact that they are on the same domain network (if those are the right terms) would make the connection between the two possible, but the command to post row returns "Runtime Error 76, Path not found". I assume this means that the Excel can't find the Tricaster. The name for the Tricaster is
TC1-9E9DEA2, which I got from an input setting dialog. I'm pretty sure that's correct.

Any ideas on a workaround? I'll have to involve the school IT genius on this, so I thought I'd check with the experience of other users before I go to them.


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I don't think so I'm pretty sure the switches are across campus. I'm trying to get enough of a clue to know what to ask the IT people on campus for. But thanks!


Then what about getting a switch, then plug the ethernet cable going into the Tricaster into this switch and then plug the Tricaster and Laptop into that switch.
I had to do that at some venues where the switches were too far away to be useful.
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