Custom rig with Nevron, and other videos

Ryan Roye

Thanks Ryan. The two circular bind nulls that get attached, is that to make sure the bake spot's Y position is maintained consistently? From what I'm observing from just playing with a simple bones only test, it's seems to be the cause of the stair stepping effect. I'm trying to understand the logic of the rig, so I can adapt it to my own setups..etc..

At some point I must have missed this post. Breakdown:

- The two triangular nulls (footbind left/right) are for hand-keyed motions. All motions using these nulls should always assume the character is moving in only 1 direction. Animations that use these nulls can be steered around freely when prepared and saved correctly. Most often, these are used for any walk/run cycles, climbing things like a ladder, etc.

- The sphere-shaped null called "Jump" is used instead of the triangular footbind nulls when dealing with motion capture and motions that have pre-defined turns. The jump null is necessary to simplify centering it on the character object between uses.

Essentially, using a same as item constraint and holding the nulls in place, then baking the motion... inversely transfers all motion on that null. When a bakespot is then applied, and the motion is saved, the bakespots activate and re-invert the motion, applying it to the character object and yielding additive motion (letting it play from where the character is currently standing).


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Thanks for the Breakdown Ryan. After many hours of experimenting, I discovered the source of my problems was a dodgy mocap file. When viewed in an orthographic window, it sloped up hill over time. When I tried with a key framed walk cycle, the issue went away. I'll have to see if I can fix the source file first and then re-test with the advantage of the above information in mind. Cheers!
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