Curve follower with speed control

I had that setup in Modo and I need to reproduce It in lightwave. Not that simple (for me at least)
I have a curve loaded in layout and need a null to follow the curve (like the curve constrain does) BUT I need to control the ppercentage or the path, allowing me to slow down or speed up the null aloing the curve in a very smooth way.
I think I could use a polychain with DP Nearest point, but no idea how to control the % of the whole path (with a null for instance)


I think spline control can do this for you. Set the null to use the curve as its spline control item and animate the z position to move it along the curve. But you will have to use actual distance as the z position animation. There is no percentage input.
Yes, I thought about spline control. The thing is, I had a good motion for my project, just needed to pace the transition from one center of interest to the next one. I'm going to transform that curve into a spline in Layout as Its seems to be the easiest way to do what I want now.
Nevertheless, I'd like to find a way to reproduce the setting I had in Modo.
In Modo, you can drag anything in the schematic (node editor) view and connect the channels. That would be really awesome if we could do that in Lightwave, get what's selected in layout directly in the node editors. (may be a "get selected" button?) For instance, If we could get the starting and ending frames of the curve constrain in Lightwave, that would be easy to link any of those to a null and animate the progression smoothly. Even with an envelope and an expression in the graph editor.
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