csv2mot: convert a csv (text) file to a lightwave motion file


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hello lightwave friends,

right up front i'll mention i'm hoping to make a few dollars on my work here...

in my animation efforts, i often need to import data into lightwave. i'm speaking of data on the order of 500 keyframes and more, way beyond the possibility of doing it manually.

i originally used a crude Basic program to do this. it worked but i wanted a bit more and thought that if i made something nice for myself i could make a few bucks selling it to other lightwave users.

since i wrote that crude utility program about 3 years ago, i have come across various plugins that would perhaps help with this particular task. to be honest i don't have the link handy, but i know someone out there wrote a plugin (LScript) that would import a csv file...comma separated variable.

anyway, i thought a simple little .exe program would be a good idea. now i've learned how to use microsoft visual studio and i've written a program in visual basic to do the conversion of text files into lightwave motions. it is right now at about 50% of its final form but is soon ready for some "beta testers". i'd like to find a few people willing to try this out and give me some feedback.

i am attaching a screen capture to give a flavor of the program and what it will do. send a PM if you're particularly interested in a "beta" test!

happy rendering!


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the attachment doesn't seem to be part of the first post


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Pretty cool. I have written a web applet that does the same thing using multiple x,y,z, rotations and time (allows you to select what columns do what) and retrieve up to 4 motion files at once in an email. I asked if anyone had any interest in using it and got 1 person asking a question and that was it.

I had written mine to originally take McHenry's Crash Simulation software csv outputs and translate them into motion files.


No clear idea about the use of this tool right now, but for sure it's interesting to import some datas from some "unexpected" application :)


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Did you get this program to work cause I sure could use it!

There are scripts and plugins that do this. I believe Sensei has one. On my site I have one that'll import the data into Modeler. From there you could save it to a motion file.
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