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Hi again.

I'm on antoher script but can't find a fonction in vtscript doc.

I want to add a fade to black or fade from black shortcut.

in a way, it's just "set the fade bar at the position of the timebar".

(fade bar = the one we usually grab on beginnig/ends of the clips)

But I can't find any "fade bar" related fonctions.

any inputs?



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Of course this feature's demise was loudly bemoaned by many, particularly on the Betaforum. Andrew did post at my request a note that he is working on the code to bring it back but said something about it being complicated because he had to write the code for the Control Tree to deal with TC input. I really don't see why the Control Tree needs to be involved but in the long run it should be worth the wait.

I have often thought that an examination to the old VT2 skins and scripts might give a clue as to how to resurrect it.


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- The Fade bar was never driven by a Tscript, so old code probably has nothing.

- Since the Fade in/out, is a spline, the code is now driven by control tree. Ideally the timeline needs to speak to this spline.

Either wait for Andrew to give you that drag capabiliy in Timeline, or, if feeling the challenge, make a Tscript to do the following.
1- insert the Black.rtv at current clip's in point
2- set it's length to 1 second
3- then insert 1 second crossfade inbetween black and clip

Now you can mouse control the crossfade length in timeline

- Aussie


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Ah, but the majority of the clips everyone want to set fade on is a CG page or graphic which means overlay, which means no can do with DVE dissolve :( besides this would betray the simplicity of the whole affair which is what everyone misses...

Hopefully, Andrew and company are fixing it where the Fade stays in place in relation to the clip's In (or Out) Point not a specific TC in the clip. This is the beauty of the Fade gizmo, the fade remains the same no matter how much you stretch, change or move your clip.
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