'Create directory' option for Aura file requester


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I generally prefer to use the Aura file requester to the Windows one but it would be nice to be able to create directories from it.

Graeme Stonebank


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Agreeed. I do love the Aura file requester, however I myself was wondering about this exact thing 2 days ago. I just hadn't even thought of asking for it as a feature request. I wonder how they forgot that function?


Tom Winnicki

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I'm plowing through the Aura manual and I'm liking it more and more each day. Aura 2.5 is a solid paint program. Smile here :) However, the Aura file requester bites, period :mad: Kind of makes me think "Who the heck-ho designed this damn thing?" What drives me crazy are the two popups for volumes and directories. I haven't got used to them... and never will, simply because Windows has a much better interface. Additionally you can't resize the blasted thing, and... I've got more but that's it for now. Personally I'd like to see dedicated lists for volumes, directories and files.


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The only advantage to the Aura file requester is the thumbnail previews, but the rest of it is so annoying that I avoid using it whenever possible.

Instead I use the supreme ruling Directory Opus file manager (with Aura/VT plugins), and just drag and drop into Aura as necessary). If only there was a Directory Opus replacement for file requesters... that would be ideal!

But, if you are using the Aura file requester, here's a nifty tip.... Did you know that you can use the CRSR UP and DOWN keys in the Aura file requester fields to get to previous entries?


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Right-clicking on a thumbnail to preview an anim/sequence is handy too.
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