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Dan Hong

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Hey all Toasties,
I'm working on Richard (LWaddicts) machine. Last week he had a post about "Push play...nothing happens". Well, I put his card into one of our machines and it plays like a champ. I did some windows stuff and reinstalled the latest version. When I playback files and view them on ToasterVision, on the Program out (and the NTSC out) the video plays like the fields are reversed. But when you switch the ToasterVision to the preview mode it plays back just fine. The motherboard is a Soyo Dragon Plus K7V, and the video card is an Nvidia MX400 with 32 megs ram. Has anyone had any issues with this Motherboard or Video card. I've run out of magic tricks.


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Certainly not an expert, but the one thing I notice about the Soyo board is the VIA chipset. I've seen a few posting elsewhere about problems with VIA drivers and getting the T[2] to work smoothly.

"VIA KT266A/8233 CE Ver chipset"

Might want to get Blaine or Pauls input though...


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Special thanks to Dan...
my system has been down now for nearly three weeks
for unknown reasons.


Funny thing is...
the system was working until the last update...
it has never recovered.
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