Crashing AMD Nodes with MSVCR90.dll error in Windows Event Viewer???!!


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I'm getting crashing on just my AMD Nodes on my render farm with MSVCR90.dll error in Windows Event Viewer???!!
ScreamerNET isn't saying there are any errors in the log files, just says that it exited correctly... but in actual fact, Backburner is reporting errors (using it's highly useful randomly generated error codes that have no list of issues). It's ONLY on my AMD nodes, all of our 30 other Intel Nodes are fine.

I've pretty much tried everything I can think of to fix this...

Uninstalled all the Microsoft Visual Studio Redisti's 2005 - latest ones plus the service packs. Then reinstalled after a reboot.
Reinstall Dot NET stuff.
Copied one of the MANY msvcr90.dll's from the 'winsxs' folder to the 'system32' one.

Has anyone got any bright ideas as to what has gone wrong?
Is it a coincidence this has only happened to both of our only AMD render nodes?

I also had this similar issue but with MSVCR100.dll file when suing Amleto and LWSN.exe at home, but I reinstalled the Visual Studio Redisti's and it fixed it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


Sorry, system specs for the dodgy machines are:

Backburner to Lightwave Script
Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
32 Core AMD chips


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This appears to have been fixed recently, with a Windows Update.

Clearly a Microsoft issue, but thankfully it's all sorted now, but they took their time!!
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