Cpu upgrade help for speeding up LW render?


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Take your time.. the way things are now with the lack of parts. Everything is overpriced. Get a 2nd hand upgrade if you can (but check it first) Sometimes computer stores sell their demo stuff and so on. There are bargains out there. But ultimately, Blender exists.. and maybe things are slow because of the renderer itself (even personally though Blenders UI irks me tremendously, and I don't use it much myself for that reason) Check your options.. that's all I'm saying.


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Yes, I found oc shaved about 2-3 minutes off a render. Which I suppose over a 600 frame render would reduce render time quite a bit but also the worry of shortening the lifespan of the system.
Yes, as impatient as I am, I guess it's going to be a waiting game.

Going back to ryzen chips for a moment. What's the best air cooler for these? Would also need to price that into the equation for totting up a budget.

I did quite a bit of research when I built my system, and for Ryzen, all the reviews said the same thing for air cooling; Noctua was the hands-down quietest and most efficient CPU cooler.

For my system, I purchased the Noctua NH-U14S TR4 SP3 (retails for $89.95), but you would have to find the one that works most efficiently with your CPU.

I can say that under standard load, my CPU stays at around 37 celsius; under 80% or higher load, it normally doesn't get above 52 celsius.
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