CPU Noise Filter


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Am I missing something? It says "perform a render to preview noise reduction" and I perform a render, and it still asks for one. Nothing seems to change with it on, but it looks like it could do some cool stuff judging by the documentation. If anyone else has had success, I'd like to hear how it works. Thanks


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The native CPU denoiser is prone to blurring, has limited configuration options, and only works in the more recent LW releases. There is a better, free option here that works on LW 2015-LW2020:

Discussion thread: https://forums.newtek.com/threads/open-image-denoise-node-for-dp-filter.159322/

If you still want to use the native CPU denoiser, be sure that you have both of the necessary sections enabled. The "Noise Filtering" checkbox in the Buffers tab is often overlooked.



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Awesome! I'll be sure to check that out! I knew I had to be missing something with the native as well. Thanks so much!
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