Couldn't Read Value 1 of Field error message


Urgent help Needed!
Just finished a project this morning that was three days in the making. Went to render it and SE2 crashed. When I went back to open it and select project, I get an error message reading, "Couldn't read value 1 of field?" When I hit "ok", another message comes up "Unsupported Project Format - File could not be opened". All other past projects open normally. New projects open normally. Does anyone have an idea on what is happening and what can be done? I've tried cleaning up missing and temp files from video storage folders. This has a critical deadline today and need all the help you guys can give. Thanks!

Tony R

maybe you can go back to early this morning and do a system restore (Start\Accessories\System Tools\System Restore. Restore back to the most recent time.
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