Converting NDI recordings for editing


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We're pulling recordings of NDI streams out of Skype for remote video interviews, using NDI Video Monitor on the Mac platform. The footage is then destined to be edited (in Final Cut Pro in my case) to produce the finished video.

I'm struggling to accurately convert the SHQ2 clips into something we can ingest in FCP (Prores, for example) and wondered what others are doing here. My attempts so far have been to convert to Prores using FFmpeg, but for whatever reason the audio screws up if I attempt this in one pass. If I encode the video stream to Prores in an intermediate file, and the audio in a separate file - remuxing them together sometimes works, but not always.

So, how are you getting NDI Video/Studio Monitor recordings converted for NLEs besides Premiere?


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This should help. Handbrake is probably your best bet. Not on the list & Windows only, Vegas Pro 14 & Shana Encoder work good too.


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Don't know about the Mac version but the plug in for Premiere on PC allows me to use file with no intermediate.

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