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Now that I have installed VT 5.2 I would like to be able to take a file captured as a mpeg2 edit it in Speededit VT and then open the VTP file in Workshop. When I do this the Convert to Disc Template box is checked and grayed out so that you cannot change it. I'm just wanting to elminate the time encoding in VT or Tmpgenc. With the convert to disc template box checked Workshop will use its own encoder, which is not acceptable.

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It sounds like you're thinking that SpeedEDIT can do smart rendering, where everything wouldn't have to be uncompressed and recompressed, but that's not how it works.

ANYTHING that is put in SpeedEDIT is UNCOMPRESSED in the timeline automatically, so when you load a SpeedEDIT project into DVD Workshop via the AVI Wrapper, it's not seeing MPEG-2, it's seeing uncompressed video that must be compressed to MPEG-2 to make a DVD.

I'd recommend using TMPGEnc to encode your MPEG-2 video. I'd also recommend not using MPEG-2 video as your source material.
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