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I need to capture Video Frames from Sporting events and then Cartoonize (is that a word) them. Doing this for a newspaper that wants to take Goal shots, soccer, Cricket stumps, etc. and use as stylized Cartoon or Cel shaded pics. Any filters or plugins that can help get that effect without redrawing the full pic with onion skin overlay? There are some Photoshop filters (posterize) that get close but not exactly what we want. Any help or how to's appreciated.


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A) Before posterizing try blurring the image. This takes care of those little peices. Of course, the colors are still really whacky.

B) Try using the 'cutout' photoshop filter. In PS it's at: Filter>Artistic>Cutout

C) I've manually made posterizations in Photoshop and After Effects by making a few copies of the image (or video). I run the threshold filter (it make all pixels either black or white... no grays at all) with a different setting on each layer. In layer 1 all the brightest spots are white. In layer 2 all the midtones are white.
Layer 3 all but the darkest areas are white.

In layers 1 and 2 I key out the black. In layer 3 I key out the white and put it on top of the other layers.

The layers are separate so you can colorize them however you want. Sometimes all you need to do is change the opacity.

It IS a rather drawn out process but that's what George is there for :)

See the pic below. It isn't that good of a pic, but it shows the set up. I actually did this in Photoshop because I don't know of a direct equivalent to Threshold in Aura. It didn't seem right to put a screen shot of PS in here though ;)

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