Conversion from Daz Studio to Lightwave


Hey Nick!

That looks amazing, and with that much radiosity, 3.5 minutes is not that unreasonable at all.

Which version of Lightwave are you using?

Did you simply export the geometry as an OBJ or something else?

Thanks for showing us this! :D


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That is quite nicely done. Also one of Stonemason's I don't have.

We'll probably want more details on your render settings, etc.


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Here are the GI settings...


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On Vimeo, you mentioned:

Identify reflective surfaces, and add a reflection with a gradient on incidence angle.

Any details on that?


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Sure. For things like the puddles, set the reflection strength on a gradient keyed to incidence angle. In this case something like 100% at 0, and 5% at 1.

It's something I pretty much always to some degree with reflection strength, for example on shiny metals.

It would probably make sense to key the transparency the other way around!



some suggestions though.

Replace the hv smoke with vdb sims, either gas solver natively in lightwave, or whip up something from blender smoke and export to lightwave.
I expected some chinese slow motion song, and some buzzing sound ala Vangelis.

You also need more neon light glow on some signs, including animated flicker on some of them :)

As a coincidence, Blade Runner 2249 will be airing on my cable tv tonight, I might take a look at it again, thogh I wasn´t that fond of it really.
I wonder If I am healthy and still alive that year, how much the world have changed in it´s look, but I guess it still will not be even to the level of Blade Runner 2019.
Harrison F, will not be around for sure, Ryan Gosling...let´s hope he doesn´t pass away the same year.

Memories of Green.
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yep. personally i'd go the animated clip method there.

but nice render.

Maybe hard to find smoke animations of good quality and the right resolution.
With VDB you can rotate the simulation if needed.

This one may be of interest, free if you choose too, I have only checked the first VDB steam file, over 1.6 gig only that, and there are several of them, so don´t try to download all in one zipfile, it takes quite some time for the system at gumroad to pack it.

Personally I would skip even render in lightwave all together and render in blender but if using everything else in lightwave to render, then perhaps at least skip vdb in there for render and just render out animated clip from that vdb file.
for doing that with blender and saving out as vdb, for steam you may not need the full volumetrics from cycles, and can instead choose workbench render and Not eevee.
with workbench you can set film to transparent and hit play and it´s Almost realtime performance(depending on hardware of course) when the steam is rising.
render out openGL viewport and proper resolution and you will have steam with transparent backround to compose in lightwave or fusion.

but if necessary, load the vdb file in to Lightwave directly and try that.



yes, different ways, both should work fine.

The vdb files works nicely in both Blender and Lightwave, it´s just that you essentially have to render with final render and full volumetrics in lightwave, which may be fine if you take the extra time, and you don´t need that low step size for it and thus saving time, since you can get away by blurring little in post.

While on the other hand in blender with workbench, it´s almost realtime, on the other side you don´t have realtime bloom and emission with workbench in there, would be nice to have that, so that meens material preview or eevee to render at almost realtime for neon lights that flicker etc, but the vdb sequence will not play in realtime very well.
Can´t stand the graph editor in blender though for things like enveloping neonlight materials etc working in lw graph editor feels so much easiear and inituive.

so that´s as much 3D today for me, now I got to go and take an evening walk now for better health and sleep, it´s been raining slighly so fresh air and not too cold anyway thanks to previous hot days.
I got around 2 weeks at most before I start the new job.
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