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Just dipping my toe in the water and I'm stuck in the mud already. I have ACT and WEAP installed on a VT 4.6 - LW 3D 8.0.1 machine.

Following the tutorial 'Content Directory and Content Manager', I use F1 to load the scene. I go to Content Manager and select Export Scene, but there are no automatic entries in the file location box or the scene name box. Thus hitting OK exports nothing.

The tutorial would indicate these boxes are automatically entered. Have I missed a step? Or will I have to manually enter the file location and scene name each time?

TIA, Bob


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The two fields in question pull their data from the currently set content directory and the name of the scene loaded in, repectively.
By any chance do you have your computer set to large fonts? When you look at other input fields in LightWave are they empty, such as the 3 numeric fields in the lower right corner of the Layout?


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Thanks for the response. No, my computer is not set to large fonts. Do you mean the X, Y, Z fields in the lower left? Sorry, I can't answer the question. Now I have a new problem. Yesterday I was able to load any ACT scene. Today I cannot load any of them them.

For any scene I now select to open in ACT, I get an error message:
File Not Found "objects/--(whatever scene name--)"
This is also occurs in Lightwave when using the Scene Loader for LW scenes.


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It sounds like you have your content directory set wrong. Hit the o key on your keyboard and reset the content directory to 3D Arsenal Master Content.

Can you be more specific with the original issue? I am not sure I understand. In content manager you can navigate to a new folder to export the scenes to. there are tutorials on the DVD that show this.


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Thanks for responding. First, disregard my post that objects were not found. While searching for a solution, Content Directory had been set to "3D Arsenal Master Content\scenes".

I followed the tutorial in WEAP: ContentDirectory_Manager. Used 'o' to set the content directory to C:\3D Arsenal Master Content and checked other settings in Prefs.

Used F1 to select "Photo Album Turn 1 CoffeeTable", selected open. (I get File Not Found box: "objects/Floors/floorPlain.lwo". "Select an alternate file?" Yes, and opens floor plain.) The scene loads into layout.

I go to Content Manager tab and select "Export Scene'. The scene name is not automatically entered, so no Objects or Images are loaded into Content Manager. I can enter the scene name manually. In this case I get Error 'Scene Revert Failure' 'Failure Setting Content Directory', and no Objects or Images are loaded into Content Manager.
I have tried this with several scenes with the same results.

I have scanned plugins again and checked LW8 configs. Something seems missing in Content Manager?? Re-install all??

Thanks, Bob
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