Connect separate LiveText PC to Tricaster 8000 using ethernet switch?

West Chester OH

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We have a mobile production truck with a Tricaster 8000 (Windows 7) and a separate PC (also Windows 7) connected through ethernet. They have worked fine communicating for a few years now with no issues. We were always doing tape delayed productions (simple recording to hard drives for posting later) but with Covid's impact, we started to look into live streaming. Since the Tricaster 8000 only has one ethernet port, we attempted to connect to the internet using an ethernet switch. So on the ethernet switch we have our internet input and both the Tricaster and LiveText PC connected, each getting a working internet connection. But now we can't get the two computers to communicate together.

So my question is, has anyone been able to connect a separate computer running LiveText to a Tricaster 8000 using an ethernet switch?
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