configuring dfx for vt


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I´ve been trying to configure DFX+ to work well with the toaster, being new to DFX I´m still figuring things out.
I hope someone can give me some tips to get previews working well with field rendered footage, cause they look aweful. I´ll try to do more testing on monday and if I figure it out I´ll post my findings.


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It really depends on the hardware as to what the setting are in DFX+. I'm not that familiar with the Toaster these days, so I'll try to cover the bases. If you have any specific examples, I'll see what I can do.

Generally you are going to want to set your loader tools to the appropriate footage type, (ie frames vs fields, NTSC vs PAL)

Step through the footage using the square brackets "[" and "]" to see if the footage moves in a linear fashion, if not, you may have to adjust your settings to fields reversed.

Again, step through the footage, and make sure it is in the correct order.

If you still see fielding issues with the footage, chances are you need to reverse the dominance. Under the "import" tab in the loader, check the "swap field dominance". (you may have to revert your field mode to reversed in the main tab to ensure linear motion again. )

Hopefully this will help you...


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Thanx for the response, after I spent a few more hours with DFX I was able to get good looking previews using the high quality setings, it does take a while, but the result is pretty nice. With low quality previews, fields look really odd, but I can live with them since they are really fast.
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