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I would like to see Newtek add compositing to speededit sometime later down the road. This would be one program that handles editing and FX combined to reduce encoding.


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amen to that....from the posts I've read, this would be a very welcome addition.

Tim Johnson

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Compositing is great. I'm not sure, however, if it's worth the R&D to get it up and running. There is a lot of compositing software out there.

(It would one-up the competition, though.)


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You can do a lot of this with sub-projects, the "media agnositic" tracks within SE plus keyframable clip properties. I found that sub-projects can be CTRL-dragged to a Filebin and later used just like a clip in the same project in which it was created, or in a totally different project. (The sub-project shows up on disk as a project file. Its icon display in the Filebin at this point is not reflective of the comp but of one track in the comp - probably a simple fix.) About the only function I can think of that is missing are complex mask generation, and perhaps a way of merging or grouping a mask track and its effected clip track.

I recently duplicated a project in SpeedEDIT that had originally been done usin Avid Media Composer and Boris Red. In SE I was able to build my comps without leaving tghe SE environment due to the positioning, cropping and property key-framing available within SE itself. So it seems to me that, unless it is a really complex comp, SE can handle it already. Anything too complex for SE should probably be done in DFX+, AE or Boris anyway, beccause it probably requires tools that you don't want to burden SE with at the expense of SE's leaness and meaness.
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