Comparison Tricaster 8000AE2 + VMC1 & IN

Short question:
Is there anything you could do with a Tricaster 8000 AE2, but not do with a Video Mix Engine & Input Module?
Already any comparison sheets available?


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Off the top of my head, I want to say no (with the obvious exception of having just 4 SDI inputs). Otherwise I can't think of any absent functionality, but maybe Kane or Zane can.


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From a software standpoint, I'm not aware of anything on the 8000+AE2 that isn't in VMC1. VMC1 does have a few things not found in 8000+AE2, like 4 DDRs, NDI 8 way matrix output and that all media players and buffers are available as NDI sources (and I"m sure I'm missing things).

From a hardware standpoint, there are a few differences between the units.

TC8000 has analog I/O, AES I/O and removable drive bays.
VMC1 has 3G-SDI I/O, dual 1Gbit NICs, dual 10Gbit NICs and support for 4 monitors (1 Interface and 3 multiview).
Can you specify which kind and size of harddisks are inside the VMC1?
I saw in manual that you still can record up to four video sources, right?

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The VMC1 has two 3TB internal hard drives and an SSD boot drive.

The VMC1 has four channels of Quicktime recording.
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