Commercial LightWave Training - a list...

not complete, never the less...

Commercial LightWave Training  (Videos)

--- Hard Surface Modeling ---
Car Modeling - Elvis (Lewis) Blazencic

Hard Surface Subdivision - Jeffry Gugick

District 9 Fanboy - Kevin Phillips

Complex Interiors - SimplyLightWave

Prague Tram - SimplyLightWave

Space Shuttle Discovery - SimplyLightWave

London Tower Bridge - SimplyLightWave

M4 Tank - SimplyLightWave

Secrets of SubD Modeling - Chilton Webb

Futuristic City - Cobben Charlot

Digital Modeling - William (Proton) Vaughan

Bell 407 Helicopter - Phil Nolan

Archviz Scene - Phil Nolan

--- Character Modeling ---
Jack Skellington - SimplyLightWave

Digital Modeling - William (Proton) Vaughan

--- Motion Graphics / Nodes ---
Rebel Hill Nodes - Rebel Hill

Node Based Surfacing - James Willmott

Pixel Displays - Dana (dwburman) Burman

--- Render ---
Stereoscopic Camera Fundamentals - Aristomenis (Meni) Tsirbas

Octane Quick Start - Ryan Roye

Photorealistic Beverage Ad - Louis du Mont

--- Character Animation ---
Rebel Hill Rigging -

Rebel Hill Animation -

Rebel Hill Face Rigging -

Adobe Character Animator for LW - Dana (dwburman) Burman

Comprehensive Guide to IKBooster - Ryan Roye

Common Scenarios for Character Animators - Ryan Roye

--- SFX ---
Weapons FX - Ryan Roye

TurbulenceFD - Kelly “Kat” Myers


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Also, the second-hand market is not to be sneezed at. The Dan Ablan books occasionally come up for less than a dollar and the Ken brilliant books can be often be had very cheap (the only lottery being if the CD is still attached). It has been possible to buy Tim Albee's Kaze Ghost Warrior DVD, which includes the "Making Of" Documentary, for just $0.01 - there isn't even a coin in UK currency able to go that low.

Having said that, some level of end-to-end training resources in a more centralized location would be good. Lino's Rigging Revealed tut seems lonely on the website by itself. For example, an update of the Rex Olson/Todd Grime Character Set would be fantastic, or even add to the website as-is (I think Rex still works for NT in some capacity). Bear in mind that combining Modo's Rigging and Character courses would set you back nearly $350.00 for the training alone, so it might be good for NT to update the old Desktop Images stuff and place on the site. The VFX set too. :)
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Thank You to Free4ever for DStorm links >

DStorm, the official LW reseller in Japan has 2 LW 2020 videos and a video of their free Inertia plugin:


also see >

LWCAD / Viktor Veličko


also see >

LightWave on YouTube - v2
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Yes, the training is still relevant. Not much has changed in Modeler in recent releases. Be sure to check the free training first (tram and robot) to get an idea of what the site offers.

Do not expect any support from the community in the forum or from the site publisher. This is otherwise a dead site, with forums filled with uncontrolled spam. The only reason I might subscribe to this at this point would be to download training for review later, using a video downloader web browser add-on/extension.

In addition to the resources already mentioned: (now offering a "$5 each sale" while the world ends in 2020) ($10, good stuff)


I am really interested in bringing back Desktop Images content, how can we make this happening? Specially the Jarrod Davis content...and obviously VHS stuff like Ron Thorton Digital Cinematography...
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