Combining multiple UV's in one surface?


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I have created an arm with common surfaces on 'upper arm, lower arm' etc.
Each part is a separate layer with separate UV map.
I have taken into 3D Coat to surface and exported out images.

In LW I only have the one set of surfaces for the whole arm, but different UV maps for each section.

Is there a way to combine the multiple maps in the Node editor to the one surface (if that makes sense).
In retrospect I should have either created one UV map or multiple surfaces, but I'm being lazy.



ack ack
Ok sorted it, I renamed the other surfaces in LW simple, at least I didn't have to revisit 3D Coat.


ack ack
Having a new problem between LW and 3DCoat.
I had previously created a model with multiple layers/surfaces/UV's which I'd painted in 3DC.
This got complicated so went back to modeller and deleted the UV maps (so I thought).
Saved the model as a new file.
Open in 3DC, there should only be one UV map, but there are still multiple UV's, one of which is a 3DC specific format 'albedo'.
The new UV map I created in LW doesn't even show.

I am using Edit maps/Delete vertex map to clear UV's.
Is there a different function required in LW :stumped:
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ack ack
FWIW I sorted it (I should have looked a bit harder before posting).
The model still had the previous exported maps from 3DC applied to the surfaces with the old UV maps.
Once these where removed in surface editor it loads in 3DC fine with the new single UV map.

Don't know whether this is a LW bug.....I had deleted UV maps in modeller from the pull down at the bottom, but they still show up in the surface editor!
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