Combining Bump Maps


What do I know?
I want to combine two image maps for bump mapping - they're river channels, and I'm doing it this way to keep the size of the maps down. It's a 3,000 pixels wide frame, and I need detailed channels right in the foreground, spreading out to either side and flowing into a bigger channel.

I'm rendering with the Liberty3D Super PanoCam with a 226 degrees field, so unfortunately a single map is out of the question ... way too large for this.

So I thought foreground map for detailed and medium distance map at lower res for the bigger channel.

The two maps are attached, Channel_01 and Channel_02, sized down alot, plus a render for what happens when you add the two with a vector add node. One map continues its edges over the channels of the other.

Combining these maps for reflection and diffuse and so on is fine with scalar nodes ... but I can't get it to work with vector - trying all kinds of combos without knowing why now, so I'd appreciate any ideas, or even being told it can't be done ... which I don't believe ... :D

Thanks for any help.



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