Closing in on the "Holy Grail" of NDI-Out from Zoom


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Just wanted to let folks know I have come across a software developer today who appears very close to the much-sought after solution to getting NDI output from Zoom. I have no financial or other connection to this fellow, but I just want to pass along to fellow "Tricasters" what I think is a nifty piece of software emerging from development in the past few days.

VideoCom's "Zoom NDI Bridge" (hope I am calling it by its correct name) essentially allows you to create a separate NDI input ("bridge") for each caller in a Zoom session on any PC or Macintosh. The video is very clean and my Tricaster 410 had no problems with the quality nor using it in virtual livesets, etc.. I like it and it only cost US$99 (the developer's launch price - I communicated with the developer initially and I believe he intends to ramp up more features soon. He has already made it available for both Windows and Mac, and a free two-NDI-output version is supposed to be out shortly.

A couple of caveats. As a v1.0 release, it DOES NOT work when there is screen sharing going on. I don't know why exactly but I believe it has something to do with the Zoom SDK. Hopefully, he can get around that because I have a lot of events with PPT. Also, the installation of the software on my PC set off Avast anti-virus which briefly quarantined it, because he initially has distributed it as an unsigned application. He tells me he is in the process of getting proper verification credentials for the app and expects that to be in place this week. That said, Avast sent it off to its threat assessment team and they cleared it for install within a few minutes. It has not set off any alarms since I installed it (on my PC, not the Tricaster).

For me, this is a cost-effective and very helpful application. I only wish NewTek had something similar in its toolset (hint, hint).



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Thanks for sharing. NewTek does have a similar product called Live Call Connect available the TriCaster 2 Elite system, but I realize that not all people are able to get this model unit.

NDI was made available so that 3rd party companies could get it and build application just like what this guy did. We knew that NewTek wasn't going to be able to make every product that all clients would need, it is great to see what other people are doing with it.


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I'm doing some serious testing of the Zoom-NDI Bridge software, paired with a spare PC and one of my TC2s and I'm pretty excited. It eliminates the constant shuffling of Zoom inputs as presenters either drop from Zoom, or arrive late. I'm able to pin each presenter as they enter Zoom instead of waiting for everyone then arranging the gallery view to support multi-boxes. As for PPT, I bring them in from a separate laptop as an NDI source or have a separate Zoom call to bring them in remotely. The TC2 still joins the main Zoom meeting. I pull the audio from the TC2/Live Call Connect, use the Talkback to cue presenters, and feed them ME1 with Kane's countdown clock keyed over PPT to any video packages. An ever evolving work flow...


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I like your approach and I too have thought about bringing the PowerPoint in as a webcam or NDI input to Zoom without using screen sharing. The next issue is, of course, handing some form of remote control to the speakers. Fortunately, there are apps out there (e.g., Internet Clicker, Octocue, etc.) that take the place of Zoom’s remote control function — better in fact than Zoom’s remote control. All very promising...
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