Closed Captions Embedded in 3Play Clips



All our broadcasts next year will have closed captions provided with them. The work flow will be:
Tricaster -> Closed Captions Encoder -> AJA HELO -> RTMP Streaming + Local Recording (H.264 with embedded captions)

I'm trying to figure out a way for us to also embedded the captions with our exported melt (our 3Play clips).
Our program feed recording will have synced up captions embedded in it because it's being recorded on the HELO, which doesn't strip out the captions (like the Tricaster does).
I'd really like the captions also embedded in our exported clips from 3Play, so that people who work on post-production highlights in Premiere later on don't have to enter all the captions from scratch. They can just use the captions that were provided during the broadcast.

Any idea how to achieve that?


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