CLEENG.COM unreliable streaming platform


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Had a live broadcasts pay per view wbo boxing event . Decided to use

set it up three weeks out did testing for a week before I noticed the site was not allowing me to test review the stream.

there is no live contact, nor live chat and the email contact is set up to discourage you not to contact them.
Week out finally got an email reply with instructions that err garbage . You know the kind we see when they are abide reading fro. A screen prompt

sales already in the green fir the client . I replied and emailed and researched #SMH

FINALLY ! An email that said they’ve been under new services updates and no longer allow preview test that the player will initialize at the time you have set to go live

UT NEVER DID and mind you . Trying to contact them back to let them know it never initialized was a no go even now NO reply .

I quickly embedded the player code from my publishing backend into the front page of my clients site and gave a free fight broadcast

refunding all monies through CLEENG.

filing the loss on my insurance company fir technical failure clause and covering my clients loss.

Never again will I recommend or use a third party streaming pay per view web application again

Monday morning having our own pay per view site built that 15k is worth escaping the loss and embarrassment I just took.

Im looking into can I sue CLEENG....

For the most part I wanted to let the community know . So no one else experienced this BS
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