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I'm dying to get a tool that does this:

1. Traverse a VTEdit project and:
2. For each video clip in the project, duplicate the physical copy (on the drive), trim/cut off the unused parts (whether the beginning or ending of the original physical copy), and replace the clips in the project with the newly created "trim" versions on the drive. It should still keep the original footage/clip on the drive, but now the project itself will use a shorter/smaller subset/copy of it.

The user would also have the ability to specify a certain amount of heads/tails on the clips so that shots could later be tweaked slightly (ie. lengthened) without recapturing.

And then, afterwards, any user has the ability to:
1. Remove any transitions
2. Move or Delete any unused clips from the drive.
3. Archive the project - which is now as small as it can be

So I guess, it's a "clean up" command, in a sense.

This would be soooooooooo helpful, for when I want to archive the original footages used in a project, none of the unused parts (especially for long clips where I use little segments throughout it), and help minimize the amount of space I need to archive each of my projects.


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This was one of my top 10 request for VT5 since we always archive our projects. As you said, with the ability to add a specified amount of pad.
I think Aussi had something like this back in the day.
Hey Aussi, you out there? I'm sure I'll see him at NAB.
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