Clarity on presenting desktop to talkshow please


This has kind of been covered in a few older posts, but I'm still a little unclear as the ones I found seem to contradict each other, so rather than duplicating a post on both threads I thought it best to start a new one.

Basically we do some hits over Skype at the moment where we have people present their desktop and then do some technical analysis on charts. For this I only need audio and the far end desktop, not their camera.
Says that if the call is first established as an audio call and then then desktop is presented that this will work, as Skype TX/Talkshow will only show first video instance sent to it
says its not possible by design.

We are looking to purchase a unit and we need a solution that will allow us to do this. Using NDI on the far end isn't an option as we do this with various guests from various organisations.

If anyone has been able to make this work I would be eternally grateful.
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