circular texture node (polar coordinates)


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Hi all!

I searched the internet for node setups that would bend an image like below, but I could find any info about how to do it. So I had to do it myself. I'm sure there is many setups available for those of you who find better search criteria than me, but if anyone is interested, I'll post the nodes here. If not, just move on. Nothing to see here :)

Connect scalars to the inputs, object spot to object spot, and enter the compund and load an image. If you exaggerate the scales on bump-inputs, you will have an old vinyl disc :)


Oh, you have to remove ".txt" from the compound file after downloading it.


  • ConvertToPolarCoordsCompound2.nodes.txt
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Thanks adk! I played a little more with this and made a tileable pattern. See below.

The node is attached here (with.txt extension which you have to remove). It occasionally crashes Layout. If someone knows why you are welcome to tell me :)

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That looks like a very cool & good setup Slartibartfast ! Thank you a bunch for sharing. Will play with it as soon as I get a chance :thumbsup:
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