Circle Cropping Tool


Would like to see the ability to crop via a circle or oval tool in addition to the left right top and bottom that has been standard. It would help in many areas in cluding keying, rounding of corners, object insertion, etc.
I've been looking for a way.
How does one do this?

It's not very difficult, but it does require a little lateral thinking.

I'm not going to explain how right now, because I've been up for 23 hours and I'm unforgivably tired. But if anyone else adds a post to say they would also like to know, I'll give you the skinny at some point tomorrow.

This took a couple of minutes to do using nothing other than the Control Tree. Quick and dirty, but I think it could be quite usable with just a bit of effort.

I used a high Number of Sides value in Colored Border, with both Inside and Outside colors set to something keyable, made the image into a sub-project, and then keyed the sub-project over a background image. The cool thing is that all of these values are animatable, so you can 'morph' the shape. You can also do stars, polygons, etc., this way, by changing the number of sides.

Thanks Steve. I'll give it a whirl. It'd still be a great help if there was a dedicated circle/oval tool with edge smoothness. If Super Member Shabazzy has another method I'd be real interested in learning about it.
Thanks again,
I can make a coloured circle with a Title clip., but haven't figured out how to key the image into it.
I never really like doing this sort of thing with keying, but it is nice to be able to instantly change shapes, size, as well as animate them with keframes and also store the whole kit and kabodle as a preset.
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