Cindys Near Miss!

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I've done some stuff with camera motion tracking using Icarus to LW.

Cindys Near Miss! is the most recent.

This is a wip so any comments and/or crits would be most appreciated.



Yeah, it looks like a huge wind grabs it at the end. It also seems to get way too much air just from hitting a small object in the road. Sorry to be so critical. I realize that you're basically just seeing what Icarus can do. It's funny how Cindy just stands there through the whole thing. :) Icarus seems to work pretty well. Nice job.


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Thanks Dete and robpauza,
Of course Cindy is modeled also :D

I hope to improve the bounce, the reflection and also add some damage. I thought to leave out the damage but it looks too cartoonish without it.

Here's some frames I should have posted earlier.
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Cool animation. I agree with the others that there seems to be an over reaction by the vehicle and an under reaction by the person - perhaps if she just raised her arm (as if to protect her) a tad would be enough to suggest a reaction to the oncoming car. The other thing is that one would expect some debris paint chips, chunks of metal dusk and so forth - when the the car skids on on its roof.


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I think the car flips too high in the air too soon. The release of energy doesn't seem to fit. The obstruction it slides into that begins the roll doesn't appear massive enough for that much transference. The violence that begins a roll like that would probably happen if the auto were to collide with a cement barrier. Oh yea, Ciny appears to have nerves of steal. I'd be crapping my pants if I were her.:eek:


Really cool wip... I agree though definately go back and look at the car movement, although it's a great start!


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I think that this is a good start. I cant really say anything else about it at this time cause it is more than I am currently able to do.

ONe thing that stuck out to me was that when the car lands on the ground and spins, it appears to accellerate into the distance. I think that it should slow down after hitting the ground like that.


I have a question... how hard was it to get Icarus to import into Lightwave? I've had problems with the motion data... it's all wacky when it gets into lightwave. Was there any tweaking you had to do?

About the animation, it looks very realistic until the car flips. it might be better if you just had it spin out and remain on the ground. Keep up the good work

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Thanks for you comments and suggestions.

I've updated the anim:
Cindys Near Miss

I think I am happy if the car looks real and behaves well upto when it flips. I think it should then be obvious to the user that it is a CG car.

Icarus seems to be rather hit or miss depending on the info inputted. The tutorial in the user doc needs to be followed very closely and all stages completed. I tend to use the x,z coords only when calculating the Focal Point and the orientation. This seems to work well. If the final grid and points look out of wack then I replace the x,y Coordinate Frame and recalculate the Focal Point, Calibration and orientation.

@ marble_sheep
For this piece I tried to get the camera info for the whole video but I guess my use of Icarus was not up to it. Anyway I used the camera motion for the car advancing and tried to recreate the ending by eye. This failed after hours of trying. That was the first version.
Next I went back to Icarus and captured the camera motion for the end and placed a new camera in the scene using this path. I tried to get the two cameras to join up as best I could and the result is the new version.

There is almost no lighting!
I added one but it screwed other things up. I used the radiosity at 3x9 and Low Antialaising. However I did use a pano image for the reflections and a sort of sky dome that followed the car. This made the lighting more manageable. Also I love Soft Filter to get rid of the 'computer sharpness'.Renders were 3-4 mins at the longest sections.

Thanks again.
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