Chronosculpt getting any updates?


Been almost a year since 1.01 and havent heard any news or even rumors of Chronosculpt updates, so figured I'd go ahead and ask...


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If DAvid Ikeda left fairly well documented code and LW3D managed to hire new programmer during past 3 mnths I'm sure the new guy is digging into the code and geting himself familiar with it, so probably next 6 months will tell whether it will pop or will it follow rendition path...


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1.0.1 12-23-2013 was the last one

Ohh, so it's almost 13 months without updates/patches/bug fixes ? Is the forum/community active ?

I thought getting it but i don't think it's worth that price (at least for me and for my usage) so i skipped getting it but hoped to watch how will it develop and where it will go later so might reconsider buying it but this isn't filling me with confidence then. Reminds me of Rendition :(.


I bought it at release so did pay the current price. It works pretty good...just needs a few more tools.

I hope it doesnt go like Rendition.....maybe itll get integration into layout (hey, i can dream....)


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Still no reaction from Chronosculpt people about potential updates and improvements? Like importing cameras with plates.....


Never really saw Chronosculpt as needing cameras, since it meant to edit , then send back to whatever app you use for rendering.


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I wish CS had camera support. Some of the bullet edits I had to do in the past year were specific to camera. As it exists, it took a bit of 'back and forth' trial and error in CS to get the results I needed in Layout. I imagine artists doing character anim fixes could use a reference camera too.

You'd think I'd be used this by now with all the jumping back and forth between Layout and Modeler I've done over the past 15 years. :p



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Yes, it's nice to know what is the most noticeable in the camera view so you can prioritize what needs the most attention.


Im sure the people who are buying it for $399 would also like to know if its going to be updated as well.


I communicated with support about my two feature requests and was told Chornosculpt is not abandoned, but nothing seems to be on the horizon. Sad, very sad.


Maybe they could just combine Chronosculpt into Layout?

When Chronosculpt first came out as a sepearate module, I thought...this will not last long, and scratched my head to why they didn´t implemented it directly in Lightwave, I could understand they would like to expand something that could attract other software users, but
for me at the time it wasn´t an option and thought it would probably have more impact to a user base already there..and to strengthen the option to have the user base intact for a lot longer.

Later I got Chronosculpt for free together with neuronmotion baked in to one of the Lightwave sales, sadly I do not use them for various reasons.
Combining Chronosculpt at that time was out of the option I think someone from newtek said, different times now..and I think it would be wise, or if metamorphic is better in most regards fill in the gap
between Chronosculpt and metamorphic, metamorpich however, doesn´t seem to work on higher res meshes which I think Chronosculpt did.

For me it is foremost important to have the option to sculpt in much higher density models, as well as creating new topology ala dynatopo...
but it also needs a way of saving and deleting various levels without freezing and delete original and reload the model.
The lack of these features kind of pushes me away from using it.
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