Chronosculpt asking for missing 'something' when I load a previous project


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I was loading in a multi-object project I was working on earlier today. This project has many, many objects that I had spent the day loading and attaching it's corresponding MDD file. All good. Now I open that same project up and a second dialog pops up asking to load...something. It doesn't specify a name of what its asking for. And why would it be asking for anything at all? I don't get it.
It's possible I may have accidentally deleted some MDD files but should it prompt me with a name of the MDD file it's missing?

Ok, I'm going to have to abort this shot due to time and this setback. Unfortunate. Any help for next time would be great though! Thanks.



You won't really get support in the forum. You're best off going through the web site to file a support ticket. LW3DG support appears to still be finding its feet, but support was never officially offered through the forums.
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