Chronosculpt and Alembic


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Hello, I'm new Chronosculpt so please bear with me. I purchase Chronosculpt so that I might make corrections to cloth animation produced in Maya. I am exporting my animated cape as an alembic file from Maya 2015 but I have not yet been able to figure how to load the file into Chronosculpt. "Load Object" allows one to load an alembic file, yet when I load the alembic from Maya nothing seems to happen. When I "Load Cache" it always says I need to load an object first.

I have also tried this by exporting my base mesh as an .obj and then loading the Maya nCloth cache, but in that case Chronosculpt always says that the point order does not match. I've tried to load the .obj and then "Load Cache" for the alembic, but I'm not given the option to load the alembic under cache, which is very confusing.

Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong? Point me to a tutorial?

Maya 2015 and Chronosculpt on OSX 10.9.5

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