ChronoSculpt 1.0.1 - Product Update with Linux Support

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President, the LightWave Group
The LightWave 3D Group has released a new update, ChronoSculpt 1.0.1

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This update adds support for Linux.

ChronoSculpt(tm) Change Log - December 23, 2013

Version 1.0.1

Linux 64 bit support (Specifically CentOS)

Corrected Alembic loader xpath/xname properties to allow loaded Alembic content to be saved properly in a CS project.

Added the generation of a Trial serial to the Splash Screen.

Reduced CPU usage on the Mac

Fixed animation offset on Alembic export

Made project formats preserve edits made in setup/global mode.

Moved clip on loading to original user's intended position. Note that this has no effect on Alembic caches which can use a quirky time offset.

Corrected frame offset issue within a clip.

Fixed erroneous "point count mismatch" warning

Made ctrl and command do the same thing on OSX.

CSA project file loading fixes

Mac startup path fix

Localization fixes

BUILD 2013/10/30

More GUI Refinements

Multiple meshes/caches can now be saved/loaded, preserving the original hierarchy too.

Preserving the Alembic hierarchy on export (depends on a valid Alembic file to be loaded into CS)

Fixed case #66814 - chrono sculpt feedback : Alembic output from Chronosculpt has different rate of speed

Fixed case #65871 - Chronosculpt: Unable to save morph edits using the abc format.

BUILD 2013/10/23

GUI Refinements
Timeline zoom and scroll feature added.

About command added to File menu

Quit command added to File menu

Splash screen displays ChronoSculpt version, build date and serial number information.

User settings like window size and tablet mode remembered between sessions

User Shortcuts can be adjusted by editing this text file : bin\cs\startup\CsShortcuts.lua

BUILD 2013/10/09

This build contains Playback controls, soft pinning and a change in it's native file format for saving.

Until recently, the ChronoSculpt projects were saved as pipeline-friendly (but large) text files

The new build saves out the exact same ASCII format with a *.csa extension instead of *.csculpt_text, and also offers a more compact binary-save option with a *.csb extension.

BUILD 2013/09/18

This build adds support for the Mac OS.

BUILD 2013/09/10

This build contains fixes for stability, licensing, and Alembic export.

ChronoSculpt(tm) now generates log files and crash dump reports during sessions.

Some of the specific fixes implemented:

- Started working on a fallback for systems that don't have hardware

- Alembic mesh/cache exports are now formatted so that the Maya Alembic
importer can load the file.

- A mapped-drive fix for Windows licensing, so that ChronoSculpt
can be installed to a network-mapped drive.

- More informative licensing error messages

- Installed a crash handler to support post-mortem debugging

- Added logging functionality. This can be useful for narrowing down where
users have a problem. On Windows, these log files get written to:

C:\Users\<USERNAME>\My Documents\ChronoSculpt\log.txt

Where <USERNAME> is the login name on your machine.

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