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Don Ballance

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Is it just me or does the helmet on that cat make him look like Hawk from Buck Rodgers? mmmm Erin Grey in the silver suit...


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Looking for...

Well here are some ideas that I will need to create...

A theater marquee two types with regular lettering and the 'scrolling letters'.

Some old west style signage, such as the post with the chained sign swinging back & forth in the wind.

Old style highway billboards with the rounded lights overhead aiming down on the billboard.

Old b/w tv set that morphs through to a new digital set.

There's what I am looking for or will need to create... can't believe that I am the only one that needs them.

All for just our logo, and depending on circumstances some news update or other small information.

Don Ballance said:
We have launched a new 3D Arsenal website
Check it out

Let us know what you think and what else you would like to see.

Don Ballance

Director of Training
We are working on them and hope to have some soon.

We are also creating a bonus collection of scenes that work with your current content and will be available for free download from the 3DA site sometime after WEVA which is Aug 14 and 15

These are all slowly spinning as the camera travels through them...

We have falling pictures that pile up and blow away

New projector scenes
New Picture scenes
New Photoalbum scenes
More Stars and hearts

stay tuned

Don B


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Yes, you can.
Go to the surface editor. The surface will be named Video_1 or Video_2. Select the surface with the same number as the monitor you want to replace.

Click on the T for texture.

Click on load image (there will be a dropdown for load new image). On the file requester, select "all file types."

Select the video you want.

You can also use the image editor to load all the images and videos you want, set in and out points, etc.

There is a tutorial on the 3D arsenal section of the Newtek Website.
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