CharacterWorks 3.0 released with Native NDI Support


CharacterWorks 3 has just been released! This release contains a wide array of new features, fixes and improvements.
Native NDI support has been added, including support for 4K resolutions.
Thanks to NDI, CW can now interface with a wide range of broadcasting solutions, including NewTek IP Series, vMix, Streamstar, WireCast, Xsplit Broadcaster.

NDI Output
See a basic demonstration of CW’s NDI output capabilities along with some of our sample templates.

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NDI Live Input *
The Live Source Input option now supports NDI video sources (with alpha channel). Audio input is also supported for both NDI sources and Decklink capture cards.
* requires Live Input Capture Option.

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vMix and CharacterWorks

Thanks to Native NDI support, CW can now be used with vMix or any other system that supports NDI input or output.

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