Character deformation like this.


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I bought this up early on when David was speaking in the forums and I just wanted to formally place it here. I think if you could develop the tools and UI to accommodate something similar to the linked example, it would help make CS a popular product for character animators who want to tweak silhouettes and properly match character poses from the art department.

The ability to also bring in a background image would be a good start, the ability to lock the view port to an imported camera position would be cool also, but considering the multi app user base it's a big ask.


Yes, this. This is what we animators want. okay, maybe just me. I want to import my mesh and be able to squish and stretch and bend and be as wacky as I need to be and be able to do that with poses or keyframed timeline and allow me to blend between shapes et al. in realtime squishy-ishy mode. I don't want to mess with bones or joints or setups or weightmaps or endomorphs et al. I just want to animate the mesh, my way. Thank you.

i want it too...


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Dj Water man,
An answer may be i little late on this thread,But...
made in Heaven for all the brill moves of the master
Chuck Jones is... 3rdPowers Lattice & cage pack..
Check out liberty3d vids on them also by Ryan.
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