Changing Texture(s) in DFX+


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I just found out how to get the Post-Texturing-Thing
to work. We had a discussion about this on the
pigsfly mailing list. Hope this helps.

Hexa wrote:
I always wondered about the "special buffer".
I just found out that NOT CHANGING the buffer was
not the fatal mistake. Just export the frame
as ext.RPF (see below). In DFX+ add a loader with
the frame/sequenz, also add the texture tool and
the new texture to be applied. Connect them.
Select the texture tool and go to the "radioaktive"
tab. Check "Material" and use "Pick" to choose the
surface you want to change. Finetune your texture
by using the sliders on the "Texture" tab.
Thats it.

Enjoy your High-Quality-Render and change your texture(s)
later. Absolutely amazing piece of software that is. :)


Gideon wrote:

I'd try to assign a diffrent texture (with a seperate
special buffer ID over 0) to the Polygon(s) you are
trying to texture, and then render it as a RPF with
the right buffers...

Just what I've found so far...


Hexa wrote
You need to render in extended-RPF or -RLA format.
This is the only way to include the extra channels
dfx+ needs to do the shader-texture-shadow things.
In Lightwave go to SCENE tab, then click on
on the side-menue. Add an image filter (extended
and check/uncheck all the extra stuff you want/need.
This is how far I got. Adding a new texture to an
poly seems to add the texture to EVERY poly though.
Still dont know how to fix this, so if anybody

Is there any decent documentation about the
3D-Features in DFX+?
It's kind of time consuming to figure them out with
only the
(frustrating) handbook.




AA is not saved in the rpf, so your texture replacement will not be antialiased.
Anybody know how to get proper Antialiased with rpf texture?
actually, my turnaround is to render the rpf at double size...(25Mo per frame!!!)... so it's not a good way to deal with texture...
Anybody know if it's a lightwave bug, a fusion bug or if it's the same for software? What about combustion?
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