Change tricaster Mini 4k back to 4x4x4 audio


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Hey Guys, trying to figure out where to post this. When I bought my tc mini 4k the website said it was a 4x4x4 switcher. I needed these audio channels to use in my shows, now the website has been changed to 2x2x2 and I am unable to complete what I need to with my product that was described one way online and the changed once I received it.

here is a picture for proof


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Hi Kale,

The Tricaster Mini 4K never been a 4x4x4 switcher (the website is incorrect, sorry for the inconvenience). It was originally designed with a single Master Output (using a stereo pair audio), then an AUX channel added later with the SW refresh.


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You might find using the headphone jack and the solo buttons helpful to create another output stream.
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