Change object render flags via node or expression?

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Does anyone know if there is a way to change an objects render flags by node or expression? I'm trying to create a slider switch that turns off certain image textures as well as hides certain objects from the camera and rays. IE - turns on "Unseen by Camera" and "Unseen by Rays".

I'm essentially trying to create a custom render pass that I turn off objects and textures from rendering with a slider. I've been able to get image maps to turn off easy enough by tying the slider to the textures opacity. But I'm stumped on how to hide whole objects with a slider. I've used object dissolve but that unfortunately does not hide the objects shadow or bounce light, it just dissolves the object itself. I'm looking to completely remove the effect of the object from the scene.

Another way to explain it is I'm trying to create a clean background plate. Render 1 version with the object and textures in the scene, then one version without them for compositing purposes. I'd like to tie it to a slider so its quick and easy to switch between the two.


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Dissolve 100% is both Unseen by Camera & Unseen by Rays at once.
You can use procedural texture Node Editor, and f.e. Item Info node for custom Null, taking Position and using Y as dissolve value.

Check out Global Materials, it would help you a lot:
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