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I've been a Lightwave user since version 4 (we're going back twenty-seven years) and I've always wanted to know if you can change the direction of the 'apparent light source' in Modeler. Quite often I will build a 3D object for the sole purpose of producing a fine, accurate 2D image from it by rendering it -- and then projecting that rendered image onto some other actual geometry. I do this well by using a Layout rendering but a Modeler viewport screen shot is often fine enough for this and simpler than setting up a scene to generate an image. The drawback of a Modeler viewport screenshot is that the light source is off angle to all three dimensions and fixed there, whereas I need it to point directly into axis X, Y or Z. It would also be nice to be able to adjust the light's intensity but that's not crucial because I can adjust that in paint.

well, in NT's defense, they do have 2000+ other feature requests on their plate.

also caused by the split app idea, since M\L don't use the same code. (C vs C++ ~)



While I understand your use/need, I think it's pretty unique to your work. Most folks model in Modeler and render in Layout.

Also, I'm not sure what the actual issue is. If you created a default scene in Layout with the lighting you wanted to use and saved it, you could just open that file, add your models to it, and render.

No need to set up a new scene every time you want a render if you are essentially rendering with the same settings every time.

Or am I not understanding the issue?
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