CG Undo Restack

Paul Lara

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I know you can undo your current session steps, but I don't believe CG Designer writes undo to disk.

Ron Kirby

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Thanks Paul,

Not paying attention and saved a CG project when I really should not have. Cost me several hour of work redoing alot of pages.

Sure would be cool if functioned like Speed Edit VT's undo restack!



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I have asked NewTek this same question for years. It seems that NewTek seems to have no ability to do major alterations to the CGDesigner and has limited abilities to change it. The old Toaster crew would have just written a sub routine and added it to the save function to back-up the old files independently of the cg save function but what do I* know.


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I doubt that they will ever think up doing things like this since it took 1 year 8 months to add the tiny repairs they added. I only asked this to be done 20 years ago. I doubt anyone that worked there then is even there now.
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