Central Control V1.3 - with 3Play Support!


Just wanted to share the launch of V1.3 of our app Central Control. This latest version supports NewTek 3Play. This will allow you to use a whole variety of controllers with your 3Play (X-Keys, OSC, MIDI etc). Let me know if anyone has any questions!

Hey Joe, I've just watched some of the videos and wanted to say 'awesome' piece of software you have there.

I'm tempted to use your Central Control to trigger my Mini HD AE2 (Win7) Tricaster with a Streamdeck, but I am slightly confused over what I need and costs.

I realise I need to use a Win 10 PC on the network, but I also need to load in Streamdeck software on it, or ignore it for yours?

Apart from visual feedback on the buttons, what other advantages does your system offer over remote triggering for the Mini?

And finally costs, your earlier videos says your software is free but now I see a license fee. How much would that be?

Thanks and keep it coming, you are obviously one clever dude.


I'll answer based upon by excellent experiences with Central Control.

1) No Streamdeck software needed. You can use Companion, if you wish, but are not obliged to.
2) Ease of use, multiple devices, as you noted feedback, remote system control, control of TriCaster audio from a physical device, lots of other devices supported, etc, etc, access to its wonderful developer, I could go on and on.
3) Free eval for 30 day. Then a whopping $50. Quoting another user, best money ever spent (and I'll add, not much $ at that).

Fritz Golman
Museum of Broadcast Communications
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